Private Working-Retreat in Miaoli County

Can 'work' and 'productivity' be once again 'unplugged' from an urban high-density office building? Can nature provide a different alternative?


Planned for a fast-growing software company, this project is an innovative proposal for a country-side leisure+working environment for over one hundred members of its staff. It is intended to conceive of a new way of working and team-building in the post-Covid context. A decentralised network of recreational and working facilities are spread out over an  private 6.8 hectare site including graceful farmland, rolling hills and mature woods. Small scale structures in a variety of forms accommodate necessary mobile offices, gym, dorm rooms and guest-houses. A main building accomodates meeting rooms, cafe and bar, and canteen.


Shapes and forms, colors and textures are lively and varied, emphasising openness, comfort as well as durability in the natural setting. These are complemented by outdoor facilities infused in the environment such as camp sites, outdoor cinema , yoga retreats and swimming ponds.