About Us



is a mult-award winning architectural design practice, with particular specialisation in the realms of commercial development and industrial architecture. Our professional and energetic team is founded and led by brothers Dr. Richard Wang and Dr. Stephen Wang, architects who were trained in the UK and Europe, with global experience and vision. We currently operate offices in Taipei (Taiwan) , Shenzhen (China), and Huai’an (China) , with projects across multiple regions of China and Taiwan.


WZWX offers a comprensive service scope ranging from site master-planning and feasibility analytics, to full architectural design, interior design, and architectural photography. In the realm of mixed-use development, we excel in projects that seek to bring together unique combinations of functions in support of aspirational place-making goals – whether weaving together commercial, workspace, residential, recreational or cultural activities as part of the overall tapestry. Beyond sophisticated user-driven planning, we bring particular sensivity towards materiality, craftsmanship, light, and environmental/landspace parameters, to orchestrate comprehensive solutions which generate value and delight the senses.


We have designed some of the most sophisticated industrial production facilities in the region. Our experience in the design of industrial production facilities span the full spectrum of custom designed factories, state-of-the-art production complexes, technology parks, laboratories, R&D office buildings, and logistics centers. We are deeply committed to the continual development and upgrading of today’s industrial sectors. We possess deep understanding regarding the requirements of today's industry, including land planning and policy issues, sustainability, environmental control, smart logistics, corporate branding aspirations and sustainable construction systems.


WZWX strives to achieve that which is highly challenging for any development project - the seamless fusion of design ideas and quality construction detailing, followed up by careful management of the construction process. Parallel to our design expertise, our capacities in architectural project management and construction management, and also our partnership with full-service construction companies, mean that we are able to assist our clients truly from the inception till completion of each project.


WZWX is outstanding in its experience and capacity to work with clients, builders and specialist material suppliers to bring about the desired ‘close-fit’relationship between the‘design’and the ‘built outcome’. We have helped clients and international architects to bring their building visions to fruition, helping them to communicate effectively the parameters of the construction contract, to establish a workable construction plan, to work through essential design/building procedures, to source the right materials, to verify and fine-tune construction solutions before implementation, and to fully co-ordinate and quality manage any stage of the construction process.

We have recently completed the T-HAM PABP factory in Pingtung, Taiwan. This LEED Gold certified factory is the largest and most advanced meat processing factory in the country. We have also just completed the Annie Jack House, a villa on a hill with stunning views in the outskirts of Taipei, Taiwan.


Our visitor factory complex for the luxury pu’er tea brand Shan Tea has started construction deep in the lush mountains of Xishuangbanna, China. This unique project is situated right in the heart of the famous pu’er tea production region (Yiwu township), where this precious tea have been presented as a tribute to the Chinese Emperor since the Qing Dynasty. This complex will contain the factory building, guest lodging facilities, as well as restaurants, dormitories and landscaped terrain.


Other current on-going projects include a new bicycle factory complex and office building in Taichung (Taiwan), a new electric car battery factory complex and office building in Suqian (China), a 5G Technology Testing Lab Building in Taiwan’s Silicon Valley- Xinchu Science Park, a cold chain logistic center in Gaoxiong (Taiwan), as well as a number of concept stores for the luxury pu’er tea brand Shan Tea in cities such as Guangzhou and Kunming (China).


Our projects have consistently achieved international recognition for their excellence: 

In 2020, the T-HAM PABP Factory received a German Design Award for Excellent Architecture (Germany), and an Iconic Award for Innovative Architecture (Germany). The Laboratory for Shihlien Bio-Tech Salt Plant received the Best of Best in the Architecture MasterPrize (USA), and the Jury Award at the Architizer A+ Award (USA).


In 2018, we received a Best of the Best Award from the Red Dot Design Award (Germany), an A’ Design Award (Italy), two German Design Awards (Germany), and two Asia Pacific Property Awards (UK). 


In 2017, we received the honor of Commercial Interior of the Year from the Inside Festival of Interiors (Berlin/Germany), an iF Design Award (Germany), and a Red Dot Design Award (Germany).


In 2015, our project and construction management project The Building on the Water - Shihlien Chemical designed by the Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate Alvaro Siza and Carlos Castanheira, was internationally voted Office Building of the Year by ArchDaily, the world’s largest architectural website. This challenging curvilinear building, built on 100,000 m2 artificial water reservoir, is the first and the largest application of white exposed concrete construction in China to date.