Shihlien Apex Huai'an Dormitory Complex

This brand new staff living complex will contain 12,000 sq. m of living units arranged in 12 6- story tower blocks. Four types of living units have been designed, ranging from the chairman’s suite, senior managers’ apartment, the apartment for married staff, and co-living apartment for general workers. The remaining grounds of the complex contain public amenities such as basketball courts and other recreational facilities, as well as parking areas and community gardens.


Site area: first stage 20,000 sq. m,second stage 23,400 sq. m 

Floor area: first stage 23,300 sq. m,second stage 23,550 sq.m

Client: Shihlien Apex Huai’an

Partners in charge: WZWX Architecture Group - China

Team: Stephen Wang, Chiou-Huei Lin, Jason Ge, Zhang Jian