ROU by T-HAM Concept Store

The two story concept store contains a modern butcher on the first floor and a restaurant / event space upstairs.


This commercial project tried to resolve the compact site conditions and demanding hygiene requirements on the butchery.


The eventual solution successfully separates the raw and cooked meats into different zones while maintaining the aesthetic cohesiveness of the compact first floor butchery.


On the second floor, despite the oversized beams and columns and low ceiling that characterized the original space, the restaurant space has been opened up by turning the structures into spatial features, and the addition of feature windows that draw the sights out towards the tree lined avenue.


A palette of grey wood and meat patterned granite adorn the first floor butchery. While the second floor switches to different shades of walnut and Chines parasol woods. Featured down lights and dining tables were custom designed to accompany the interior spaces.


Client: Rou Times  Co Ltd

Partners in charge: Richard Wang, Philip Kwong

Team: Kenny Huang, Wenwei Cheng, Andrew Tsai