GS Technology Park, Changzhou

The new technology park is situated in Changzhou city, Jiangsu, providing 126,000 sq.m of high quality built-to-let factory spaces, office, R&D and amenities serving the city's flourishing industrial sectors. Targeted tenants comprise firms engaged in the production and assembly of renewable energy systems, and electric vehicles parts and components.


The site is bound on two sides by lushly planted 30m green belts, providing an attractive environmental and scenic setting. As a multi-storey industrial complex, the masterplan achieves a highly effective land use density of FAR 2.0, with clear separation of human traffic flows from logistical flows.


The architectural design emphasises a pristine identity befitting today's sustainable industries. Elegant forms and clean, elongated lines define the overall aesthetic, set against careful orchestration of natural greenery features. A solar energy system is planned across all available rooftops to maximise the availability of cost-effective renewable energy, and efficient sustainable construction methods are adopted including modular steel structural design, the use of precast roof-slab systems and high-insulation claddings.