Shihlien Apex Yancheng Living Complex

This project entails a modern dormitory complex for Shihlien Apex: a state-of-the-art manufacturer of lithium-iron batteries dedicated for electric vehicles. 


The design features three mid-rise dormitory buildings accommodating up to 1500 technical staff, and a separate midrise building for managers and guests. Each building is oriented to be south facing while maintaining ample visual clearance from one another. A relatively restrained design language echoes the company’s management principles of precision and discipline. The interior adopts an efficient layout of dormitory units ranging from single, double, to four and six person rooms . The elevation is evolved as a cellular array of fully glazed balconies - acting as conservatories for each unit, maximising the utilization of daylight. These aggregate to evolve an almost cuboid overall building form. Ground floor spaces are dedicated to ample landscaping and common spaces, including a staff canteen.


Client: Shihlien Apex  Yancheng
Partners in charge:  WZWX Architecture Group - China
Team: Stephen Wang, Chiou-Huei Lin, Cheng Jianfei