Office for Shenzhen Wenhua Construction Company

…A construction company with a touch of sophistication. This project is the head office for Shenzhen Wenhua Architectural Construction, a renowned Chinese company specialising in bespoke architecture and interiors. In recent years the client has completed various flagship projects in conjunction with notable architects, notably the Building on the Water by the great Portuguese architect and Pritzker prize winner Alvaro Siza.


The office space is located on the 31st floor of a super high-rise tower,directly overlooking Shenzhen’s Central Park. The outstanding views and daylight which characterize its location are key assets which would be maintained for this office.


While technical construction issues are typically dealt with in the company's branch offices, the head office would be a place for project planning, financial management and business development. Contrary to a typical office which requires numerous workstations and displays of manpower, the head office is made up of a small number of managing staff only, and was requested to be a place exhibiting a more modern attitude of openness, comfort, and a sense of confidence in the core business of delivering building quality. It would be frequented by clients, architects, suppliers, investors and financiers.


The interior is planned as 5 key zones bound together to form a single unity. In the core is a large open reception space/library reserved for clients, relaxed meetings and quiet contemplation. The core is bound on four sides by more specialised wings – the president’s quarters to the east, a large conference room to the north, to the west three smaller offices for the finance, construction team, and managers. To the south a utility zone for filing and servers. Space is partitioned off lightly by sliding panels or switchable privalite glass. Both core and key periphery spaces enjoy outstanding views and daylight.


Inside, a recurring geometric motif is the perfect round corner - signifying the tie-holes used in concrete construction for which the firm is renowned for. The round corner motif occurs in plan and sectional details, tying together adjoining surfaces, walls and planes, introducing a sense of complex continuity. The motif is further carried through to the customised forms of the ceiling strip lighting design and A.C vents.


The materials palette showcases the client’s own expertise in working with a range of different materials. A crisp white billowing ceiling and large oak plank floor boards define a consistent and coherent backdrop, while different spaces exhibit varying characters. A light-toned oak finishing envelopes the entire core area and conference wing, providing a welcoming sense of warmth, while the smaller offices play off the oak veneer with neutral white finishing. In contrast, the president’s quarters is featured as a pristine white volume, accented by a striking green Brazilian marble, used on the floor and full height shelving units. The dramatic flowing liquid patterns here allude to the complex chemical processes that underlie the client’s core interest in concrete construction. From one zone to another, far-reaching views, crisp forms and rounded details bring a unity and coherency to the elements presented.


Client: Shenzhen Wenhua Architectural Construction Co Ltd
Partners in Charge: Stephen Wang, Richard Wang, Philip Kwong, Chiou-Huei Lin
Team : Teresa Yeh, Cheng Jianfei, Howard Hsu