Architectural Design

We have designed some of the most sophisticated industrial production facilities in the region. In recent years, industrial expansion and development has demanded an ever more complex range of building types to support successful company operations. Our scope of commisions have included custom designed production complexes, technology parks, factories, laboratories, R&D / office buildings, and logistics centers. Related recreational facilities and amenities have included residential accommodation, dining facilities/canteens/restaurants, exhibition showrooms.


We are deeply committed to the continual development and upgrading of today’s industrial sectors. We possess deep understanding regarding the requirements of today's industry, including land planning and policy issues, sustainability, environmental control, smart logistics, corporate branding aspirations and sustainable construction systems. We have been consistently redefining the 'utilitarian view' of productive facilities - pushing for new standards of workplace quality and comfort, environmental consciousness, and investigating new possibilities for customer experience and branding.


In the realm of commercial and mixed-use development, we excel in projects that seek to bring together unique combinations of functions in support of aspirational place-making goals – whether weaving together commercial, workspace, residences, recreational or cultural activities as part of the overall tapestry. Beyond sophisticated user-driven planning, we bring particular sensitivity towards site opportunities, materiality, craftsmanship, light, and environmental/landscape parameters, to orchestrate comprehensive solutions which generate value and delight the senses. Each project is a unique adventure in analysis, communications, planning, design and execution.


Parallel to our design expertise, our capacities in architectural project management and construction management, and our affiliation with full-service construction companies, means that we are able to assist our clients truly from the inception till completion of each project.